Tips For Acne Prevention

If you're having problems with acne then you are not alone. A lot of people in this world suffer the same problem that you have.Having acne can lessen your self-esteem and may cause you to lose your social life. It is important to prevent and cure acne.

Acne most often occurs during adolescene stage and continues into adulthood. Acne in adolescene most often caused by increase of testosterone which both male and female gender accumulate during puberty.

Also acne results from the pores on the skins surface becoming blocked, the follicles under the pores have a hair and a oil gland in them, the oil gland is designed to help keep the skin lubricated, but some times it produces to much oil and that is when the problems start.

Here are some tips to help prevent acne:

1.Do not pick your acne, this may leave you some scars and can cause infections.

2.Eat a balance diet

3.Regular exercise

4.Change you pillow cases daily

5.Don't touch your face with a dirty hands

6.Drink plenty of water

These are some of a basic and helpuf acne prevention tips to start with.

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