Premature Graying of Hair

There are many reasons of having gray hair. Typically it is an age oriented. But the problem is if it happen at an early age around 20's and 30's. It is called premature graying of hair and the reasons of this differs.

Premature graying of hair can be caused by hereditary. It is where some persons hair graying at an early age. Also illness can be the caused of this premature graying of hair.

One of the most common reasons of premature graying of hair is the daily stress the we encounter, anxiety, tension.

Another most common reason can be due because of B12 deficiency, a thyroid imbalance or anemia. Diet plays a large role in graying of our hair. That's one of the things we should be aware if we're having this sort of problem.

How to prevent the graying must always start with the food we eat. Healthy diet is always good for our body and it can do no harm. One must have food that is rich in Vitamins A and B. Vitamin A is found in dark green vegetables and yellow fruits and Vitamin B in yeast, yogurt, cereals etc. Ensure that the diet also includes sufficient amount of proteins and minerals.

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